Embedded bank payments automation

Embrace the new era of payments automation for corporations and institutions

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Automate your payments
Eliminate manual payment processes, reduce cost and risk of errors, speed up your payments, easily track and monitor inbound and outbound payments across your banks.
One single integration
Simplify your processes and reduce the workload for your IT teams with one single integration to easily connect to all your bank accounts and manage your financial data in a central location.
Future-proof growth
Easily scale and expand your payment processing as your business grows without the need to constantly update and replace your system. Save time, stay in compliance, and have peace of mind.

Bank payments are clunky

of financial leaders experience payment problems, slowness, failures, and incomplete cash overview
per week is wasted on complex payment operations
of financial leaders agree they would experience benefits if their company automate their payment operations
number of IT systems companies use to manage payment operations
Have half of their payment processes still manual

Do you often face these challenges?

Bank payments are complex, time consuming and entail risky processes.
Do you recognize these challenges in your operations?

Time, Cost & Complexity
Risk of manual processes
Visibility & Control

One single end-to-end integration

Your bank accounts, payments, transactions, cash balances and reconciliations data accessible through one single integration.
Combining multi-bank connectivity and power of easy-to-use APIs

Payment automation platform for
all your needs

Streamline payment processes
Initiate, receive and approve payments to any of your local and international bank accounts, schedule and pay for suppliers, customers, and employees from one single place.
Total Control & Visibility
Gain full control and visibility of your account balances and transaction in one place and increase visibility of your overall cash balances across different regions, subsidiaries, and bank accounts.
Real-time reconciliation
Obtain an accurate and live reconciliation of your payments and transactions, match with your reporting, invoices and detect delayed and faulty transactions - keeping them happy!
Improve security and reduce fraud risks
Eliminate manual tasks, errors and reduce fraud risks by getting rid of file communication, spreadsheets, bank-portals, and paper-based approvals.
Reduce costs & 
stay compliant
Move from costly and resource heavy processes to a fast and fully embedded solution. Be always compliant with the varied bank qualifications, requirements, and integrations.
Enhance stakeholder experience
Access a quick and seamless payment automation to fasten and improve your inbound and outbound payments to your suppliers, customers and employees - keeping them happy!